theguardian.comSaudi Arabia 'planned to spy on Khashoggi's fiancee in UK'
cnbc.comWho said what at Davos 2020
newsweek.comIran and Saudi Arabia Express Potential for Talks Amid Middle East Tensions
reuters.comAdam Schiff is becoming Exhibit A in Trump's impeachment defense closes FOURTEEN cities, part of the Great Wall, Disneyland Shanghai - and even McDonald's shuts up shop - as the army is deployed in desperate bid to contain killer coronavirus
en24.newsUS plans to contain coronavirus from China: Trump – Televisa Virus deaths rise as more cities restrict travel
nytimes.comDemocrats Seek to Pre-empt Trump Defense as Focus Turns to Bidens Zakharova commented on the declassified CIA report on Bandera meeting called as health watchdog says 'highly likely' virus is in UK'You know you can't count on him': Schiff closes Day Three of Trump trial with impassioned case for removal
dw.comMerkel meets Erdogan amid regional tension
channelnewsasia.comTwo more people test positive for Wuhan virus in Singapore; total of 3 confirmed cases: MOH
today.comWill Chinese coronavirus spread in US? What you need to know
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swissinfo.chIn Switzerland, having a child is becoming a luxury
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TECHNOLOGY Pictures reveal legroom for Model Y third-row seats
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simpleflying.comCould The Polish Aviation Group Rival IAG And Lufthansa? and Uber sign deal for up to 2,000 electric Leafs
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BUSINESS Wuhan, China, scrambles to build a hospital in just 6 days to treat coronavirus patients its health system gets overwhelmed
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PARANORMAL Seth Bullock: Haunter of his Deadwood Hotel

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